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250g when packed. Yellow flowers with dark green leaves and thick stems. Leafy vegetable from the Mustard Family. Also known as Asian Mustard Greens, Choy Sum/Yau Choy, Cai Ngot, Pakauyai/Pakaukeo and Saishin.


    • To keep it fresh, you can store your vegetables in the chiller for up to 7 days.


    • Cai Xin Hua is juicier due to its thick stems and has the highest level of calcium amongst vegetables and boosts immunity with its high beta-carotene and vitamin C levels.


    • For cholesterol level watchers, this vegetable promises to set your heart at ease along with its other nutritional benefits. When pressed into juices, it has the ability to detox your liver and improve skin quality.


    • It is most commonly stir-fried with oyster sauce and topped with diced garlic. 


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