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Yili Farm takes part in Farmer's Markets planned by both SAFEF and KCA. 

To know more about the upcoming Farmer's Market, please check Yili Farm's Facebook & Instagram post OR SAFEF/KCA's Facebook page.

You can click on the buttons below, it'll link you there. 

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  • Are your vegetables organic?
    No. It is not. We do use a little bit of pesticides to keep those pests at bay. But it's SFA-approved so it's definitely safe for consumption!
  • How are your vegetables grown?
    We grow our vegetables in soil, with love and hardwork!
  • Can we visit your farm?
    Our farm is currently not opened to public. (But yes in the future, with our new plot of land. Stay tune and wait for the good news!).
  • Where can I find your vegetables?
    Well, you can find our products at physical stores like FairPrice Finest & Sheng Siong (here!), and for online stores - Amazon & Redmart. However, make sure to call the respective outlets about our availabilities before you head down! You can also purchase directly from us and do self collection at our farm! Here's the link for you:
  • What types of vegetables do you sell?
    We sell 5 types of vegetables, and they are Cai Xin Hua (菜心花), Round Spinach (圆头苋菜), Sharp Spinach (尖头苋菜), Kang Kong (空心菜), and finally, Xiao Bai Cai (小白菜). We do have Lettuce and Nai Bai as well, but grown during the Chinese New Year festive and SG Farmer's Market only! Do keep a lookout when will be the next farmer's market! (Follow us on
  • Can I buy direct from you?
    Yes you can but only through online! You are unable to come down to the farm to purchase vegetables without an appointment/online booking. You can click on this link: Please note that only self collection with appointments are possible! Click on the link for more information.
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