250g when packed.Dark green leaves with light green stems. Also known as Chinese Cabbage; Bok Choy; Pak Choy; Siow Pek Chye.


    • To keep it fresh, you can store your vegetables in the chiller for up to 7 days


    • It has a very mild flavour and a sweet after taste.


    •  Like most leafy greens, it is a good source of Vitamin A & C. It is also rich in minerals like calcium, potassium, iron.. etc. Important for regulating heart rate and blood pressure. 


    • Both leaves and stalks can be cooked. It is better if you can separate them before washing so It can be thoroughly washed before cooking/consumption. 


    • Xiao Bai Cai are commonly used for oyster sauce/garlic stir-fry or boiled. 


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