250g when packed.Sharp light green shape with dark green veins on leaves & light green long stems with roots. Also known as bayam, chinese spinach, hung cai.


    • To keep it fresh, you can store your vegetables in the chiller for up to 7 days. 
    • The leaves are generally sweet with a little tangy taste. 


    •  Great for kids! It is one of the healthiest and most nutritious vegetables as it is extremely rich in vitamins A, B & C and protein.


    • To prepare, pinch off the roots and separate stems and leaves. There will be a thin fibrous layer covering the stem, you may choose to peel it off. (Depends on Individual taste) Wash thoroughly and you are ready to cook! 


    • Commonly used to cook in Soups. E.g. Trio Egg Spinach (Soup). It taste good even if you do a quick stir fry. 

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